David Ignatow

I am proud of your soft, brown eyes
looking at me to understand my presence.
You have smiled and you have thrown your hands
and legs into the air in a rhapsody
of well being and I have followed
with laughter, awed to think it is possible
to be as small as you and yet human,
for I have confused love with size,
and you look at me steadily
when I cluck and coo.

I am proud of your brown eyes
I have not known could be so soft
and questioning, and I lift you
from the crib to carry you cheek to cheek
to see if I can rub your gentleness on me.



I'm just now reading the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman and am on the start of the third book and, wow, I haven't been this interested in the genre since Narnia. Like Narnia, the protagonists in His Dark Materials are kids, the story is set in fantastic places (and our world, too), and has biblical references in it. But this trilogy seems to be as blasphemous as Naria is zealous, and is no less ambitious than involving a plot to kill God Himself. No wonder Dong, who introduced me the first book, told me it's the anti-Harry Potter.

I'm at the part in the third book, The Amber Spyglass, where it's talking about a branch of the Church that practices preemptive absolution, wherein the practitioner would do penance way in advance for a sin yet to be committed, like murder, so when the time comes, he could do the dirty deed in a state of holy grace. Hehe, lupet, 'no?

Anyway, here's a trailer of The Golden Compass. It's the first book, and reads for the most part like an ordinary fantasy novel. I'm more excited about the second and third books, where we get to the meat of the story, and they're hopefully due December 2008 and 2009, respectively—that is if this trilogy follows the LotR pattern.

And here's my result from a daemon test I found in the movie's website. Daemons are talking animal companions and are kind of like Pokémons in the Golden Compass world, where everyone has one, which I'm guessing represent one's soul, or one's conscience.



In case you haven't heard of Postsecret, here's a great vid that introduces the site and what it does.



Always cracks me up.



An funny little ad that went around the World of Warcraft community. Click on the image for a more readable view.



Can Moses beat up Satan? Who's the nastier biblical babe, Mary or Eve? When the going gets tough, does Jesus run to his Father for help, or does he take it like a man? You decide—in Bible Fight!