My shoot finished early today, and since I was in the Ortigas area, I decided to check out if Ticketworld at Megamall was selling tickets for the Eheads reunion concert. It was only 10 AM, so the mall had just opened, but lo! there was already a hugeass line forming at National. People were in an excited, chatty mood, and were in my age demographics, so by the time I reached the counter, me, the person at my front as well as the one at my back were already halfway through recounting our teenage years growing up on Eraserheads. What a fun line. Judging by that crowd earlier, this concert will be one awesome, rockingly nostalgic trip down memory lane for everyone there. Can't wait.



Is just so damn cool. It's funny, because everyone I've shown it to so far goes "whoa!" the first time they see it in action. Piclens is an add-on for Firefox (you need to have the latest version) that's appears as a tiny icon at the corner of your browser window (mine's beside the Google search bar). Once clicked, it shows you a window where you can browse images and videos from Flickr, Google, YouTube, etc. in a fast and awesome way. Basta. Get the mini-app here.


I was wondering when it would show here, and was already starting to worry if it ever would, since it was released in the US way before The Dark Knight.

I have a feeling Urduja is to blame for WALL-E's lateness, since it was in theaters at that time, and it's easy imagine its producers pulling some strings to prevent such a strong competition for our kids' attention. Well, now that that's over and done with, it's time to enjoy Pixar's latest masterpiece. Yee-haw.



I'm not much of a science guy, but I've been hearing a lot about the Large Hadron Collider (a particle accelerator, which also goes by the way cooler monicker, atom smasher) lately and its scheduled start of operation sometime this August. Really exciting stuff, what with the possibility of the LHC accidentally creating a tiny black hole or some devastating freak quantum phenomenon during one of its experiments, which, of course, will have the downside of instantly annihilating our planet in the process. For sure, this is going to be hard-on month for physicists everywhere, hehe.

And here's some nerdcore rap that explains the LHC to us laymen and women. Just watch it, bitchez.



Wow, the MMDA actually came up with a sensible idea. After months of horrible traffic and construction delays, the elevated U-turn at the C5-Kalayaan intersection finally opened this weekend, and seeing it working in tandem with the new traffic flow scheme had me hooting in delight.

A lot of people (me included) were skeptical as to why such a spacious U-turn slot was being built there in the first place, when few motorists needed it, and the ones that did were able to turn around at Market! Market! with no problems at all. Well, little did we know that the authorities involved planned to seal off the Kalayaan crossing at C5, so now vehicles that want to get to the other side need to take the elevated U-turn. Kind of like the U-turn route underneath the EDSA-Quezon Ave. flyover, but with the U-turners at C5 having to do the climbing instead. An added discomfort for these drivers, for sure, but the trade-off is that vehicles along C5 can now zoom straight across, since there's no longer an intersection to wait at, translating to less traffic and more gas savings. Hooray!