Three friends celebrated their birthdays this past weekend. Ibba and pal Rally threw a joint party Saturday night at Quattro, Carding during our Sunday D&D geekfest, and Kato had hers at Bahay ni Juan Sunday night. Only got to properly document Ibba's party, though, where the Chupacabraz guitar guys got to play (too bad, no drums there for Joel). Overall, my weekend had for me one macho mug and eight bottles of San Mig Light, a leveled-up dwarven monk, Kato's unending supply of ghost stories, and three friends who got older. Haberdi, guys.



I just found this so funny. Image lifted off Zig's blog.



I'm not a big fan of Frank Miller, especially of late, his All-Star Batman with Jim Lee being a big letdown (in terms of story, art, shipping dates, and everything else), and, if I remember correctly, he's got a "Batman in Iraq" project lined up — what's up with that?

But 300 was a good read, and seeing the video below made me instantly recall the panels from the comic book — the same kind of feeling I had when I first saw the Sin City trailer. I've shown the 300 vid to Leelee too, so now whenever I utter, "This is madness" around the house, she gamely shouts back, "Madness? This, is, Sparta!" You gotta hand it to Frank Miller — his adaptations translate seamlessly to the big screen, and I've no doubt that 300 will be nothing short of awesome. Poor Alan Moore.

In other news: if you know that the Sony PS3 is being launched this week in the US, then you probably also know about those rabid fanboys who've been quitting jobs, lining up days in advance, and buying launch-date units off ebay for thousands of dollars just to be among the first to play a PS3. Well, here's a video of said game console being murdered in front of said fanboys.



Wislawa Szymborska

"Woman, what's your name?" "I don't know."
"How old are you? Where are you from?" "I don't know."
"Why did you dig that burrow?" "I don't know."
"How long have you been hiding?" "I don't know."
"Why did you bite my finger?" "I don't know."
"Don't you know that we won't hurt you?" "I don't know."
"Whose side are you on?" "I don't know."
"This is war, you've got to choose." "I don't know."
"Does your village still exist?" "I don't know."
"Are those your children?" "Yes."



Three months ago I photographed an interview with Pepe Pimentel (yes, he's still alive!). Here he is teaching us how to count like a man.

And this started my dirty finger project. Since then I've been snapping at friends and their dirty little fingers, all of whom will be posted here eventually (I'm thinking "Finger Fridays"). I have no idea what I can get out of this, but I suppose it's got to be an achievement of sorts once I reach a figure in the hundreds, and eventually thousands. And hopefully some of my friends will get a nice little surprise when they Google up their names.

Actually, before Mang Pepe, there was another person who gave me the finger while I took her photo. This was with a 2-megapixel Kodak cam which I got in 2001, back when digital was still relatively new (I remember most photolabs then didn't know what digital printing was. Amazing).

Oh how fast they grow.



Links! Flash-based games is the theme of the day/ Just scroll on down and click away.

Bubble Wrap: Go figure. Crank up the volume and start popping. Activate Manic Mode for maximum bubble carnage.

Falling Sand Game: Doesn't look much at first, but the complexity is just amazing once you start figuring out the whole logic of it. Grade A geek shit.

Just Letters: A bunch of letters scattered about and a bunch of people online using the same area to push the letters around all at the same time. Frustrating and fun just to spell out a single word.



Acquired a much-longed for (and much-saved for) wide-angle lens around two weeks back, the Canon 10-22mm.

I couldn't be happier with this lens. It's small and light, sharp, focuses fast, renders blues extremely well, has great flare control, and most of all, is really, really wide. And fun, too. I'm already pretty confident with my portrait and product photography skills, and this lens'll help me improve my landscape shots for travel assignments.

Was able to test this lens thoroughly during an overnight stay at Corregidor with birthday girl Cel. Already upped some photos, which can be seen here. Photo of lens above also taken at Corregidor.