I know a lot of people who love their Sandman trades with a passion, but it's kind of sad that they've rarely gone further in exploring the medium. Well, if you want another title in the same vein, I fanboyishly recommend Fables, a modern take on fairytales — in a way not unlike Neil Gaiman's re-imagining of cultural myths in his series. In terms of building a world whose logic revolves around the fantastic, I'd say Fables and Sandman are on the same imaginative level, but in terms of emotional impact and general fun-ness, Fables gets my vote easy.

An ongoing title at 50+ issues strong, Fables has already garnered an impressive seven Eisners, with its writer and creater Bill Willingham still having the time to churn out graphic novels and spin-offs on the side. And it also doesn't hurt that the covers are always gorgeous.

Here's Inquisitor General Hansel on the issue 54 cover. Seems he acquired a taste for killing witches after he pushed his first one into a burning oven.



These two rascals walked in on my set and did the doggie during a shoot I did for FHM. One of them belongs to our stylist and the other to a photographer from the set beside ours.

What's funny is that they're both boy dogs.



Links! If you have time to burn, check out Flash Earth and see the world.

One of the two red roofs in the middle of the screenshot is my house. Though you can't zoom in close enough to make out people, cars and traffic can be seen (note: the view isn't live — most likely updated only once a day), and it can be fun trying to figure out streets and buildings you've been to. Warning: you might not want to try this if you have a slow Internet connection.

Visit Mr. Citymen for some neat videos. The guy who made them blends CG and real life footage seamlessly together — and my daughter loves the cute characters.

For a laugh, try BeerSex. Vote on photos of people, where you indicate the number of beers you need to down to have sex with the person in the photo (conversely, if the person is good looking, you can also indicate the number of beers you're willing to buy him/her). Good old-fashioned mean fun.



And this is my first attempt at blogging. Since my Flickr account is starting to turn into my online portfolio, I've decided to set up this blog so that I can have a place to post my fuglier photos. I'll probably throw in some other stuff from time to time, like links I usually spam to other people, comic book and game news, or my thoughts on the latest TV series I'm watching, and see what sticks.

I'm still trying to figure out Blogger, though. There are still a lot of things about the interface and site design that I want to change, them tugging at my obsessive-compulsive strings. I've managed to google on how to remove the search bar at the upper part of the site, but it seems more advanced renovations require some knowledge in HTML. I guess it's about time I started learning it anyway.

Yay, cheers to my first post.