I'm now a bit reluctant about picking up a new comic book since I'm already reading around 40-plus ongoing titles a month. But when an online review site describes Crossing Midnight as something between Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke, I had to take a peek at the first issue.

Rooted in Japanese mythology, Crossing Midnight is written by Mike Carey (of Lucifer fame) and is about a twin brother and sister born on different sides of midnight. Issue one gives us an account of the twins' childhood in present-day Nagasaki and the mysterious goings-on they encounter there.

I'm still not sure where the series is heading, but the writing is believable and tight, and the Oriental feel and slow, pensive pace of the narration is different from what we're used to in comic books. We'll just have to see if all this works together after a few issues. Quite possibly another Vertigo hit.

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