Comics! Read!

Stephen King's The Dark Tower. This mini is already four issues deep (out of seven), with the King having direct involvement in this adaptation of his work as both its Creative and Executive Director.

The team assigned to this is a personal fave. Doing the scripts is Peter David, who wrote probably my most-read single comic in my high school collection, X-Factor #87. And pencils is Jae Lee (rightmost guy in the photo), who I was lucky to have met once on his book signing tour here about – oh my God – fifteen years ago. Hey, isn't that Shaun of the Dead on Stephen King's shirt? Astiiig.

Something unrelated: Leelee and I were able to watch the newest Miyazaki movie, Gedo Senki (Tales from Earthsea), and it's just meh. Leelee sat through the whole of Totoro when she was less than a year old, as well as Kiki and Howl later on. And she still watches them again and again without getting distracted by other things. With Gedo Senki I lost her in the first fifteen minutes. I found out later that it's not a Hayao Miyazaki movie, but a Goro Miyazaki one. Who? Hayao's son, who Hayao didn't want to direct in the first place. Hope he gets a lot better if ever he wants to succeed his father.

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