This week ended one of the most beloved comic book titles of the decade. On its sixtieth issue, the last man on earth and his pet monkey sign off on a sad and tender note. I'm sure it isn't the ending most people expected, but I'm also sure that all of them will agree that it's perfect. I'd like to think that, years from now, Y: The Last Man will be studied for its speculative analysis of gender, politics and the ethics of science of the current mainstream consciousness. But, most importantly, I'd like it to be remembered as a piece of great science fiction, speaking of man's (and women's!) spirit and drive to survive the worst of times.

If you haven't encountered the title, here's something written on the last page of the first issue, to give you the premise of the series—but certainly not what it's about, which is really the characters who have to wade through their suddenly and drastically different world.

In the summer of 2002, a plague of unknown origin destroyed every last sperm, fetus, and fully developed mammal with a Y chromosome (with the apparent exception of one young man and his male pet).

This "gendercide" instantaneously exterminated 48% of the global population, or approximately 2.9 billion men. 495 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are now dead, as are 99% of the world's landowners.

In the United States alone, more than 95% of all commercial pilots, truck drivers, and ship captains died... as did 92% of violent felons.

Internationally, 99% of all mechanics, electricians, and construction workers are now deceased... though 51% of the planet's agricultural labor force is still alive.

14 nations, including Spain and Germany, have women soldiers who have served in ground combat units. None of the United States' nearly 200,000 female troops have ever participated in ground combat. Australia, Norway and Sweden are the only countries that have women serving on board submarines.

In Israel, all women between the ages of 18 and 26 have performed compulsory military service in the IDF for at least one year and nine months. Before the Plague, at least three Palestinian suicide bombers had been women.

Worldwide, 85% of all goverment representatives are now dead... as are 100% of all Catholic priests, Muslim imams and Orthodox Jewish rabbis.


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GenesisCEO said...

hi~nice blog~will visit again, stay Cool~