I was a thousand kilometers or so from Manila when Dong texted me: "Gary's rolling dice with God and Buddha now." At first it didn't connect. The guy's practically a brand name among gamers, and used to be said in the same breath as D&D, one might think that he never actually existed in the real world. In a way, he did live several planes above us, and created some new ones as well.

It's no mean feat getting other people to live in your imagination, but in Gary's case, thousands live in his every day, and in my case, I'm there once a week. Cheers, Mr. Gygax. If it weren't for you, I would probably be playing badminton or poker or some other dumb thing, instead of a game that is so complex and rich and social, one lifetime spent isn't enough to get tired of it.

And so the dice rolleth.

From Order of the Stick.

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