To do: 1. Upgrade PC. 2. Install Left 4 Dead. 3. Find three friends to play with. 4. Blow zombies up the way you've always dreamed of blowing them up those damned motherfuckers.

Zombies have always fascinated me. Zombies also scare the shit out of me. When I was a little boy, my favorite fear was a zombie apocalypse, and every night before I drifted to sleep, I would go over in my mind ways of how to defend my house, gather and maintain supplies, and, if need be, kill my neighbors, friends and loved ones. Imagine how young I was then and the hard choices I had to make every single night. Heh.

And so I have to rave about this game that I haven't played yet, but I've read the reviews here, here and here, and they're enough to make my mouse hand start twitching. If by chance zombies are also your cup of tea but survival horror gaming isn't, I'd like to recommend to you some other recent finds: Dead Set, a British mini-series about a zombie outbreak at a Big Brother set, and Dance of the Dead, an indie movie with the dead bursting out of their graves during high school prom night. Both are awesome and feature next-gen fast-running zombies. Now step lively and start hunting.

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