I'm not a big fan of Frank Miller, especially of late, his All-Star Batman with Jim Lee being a big letdown (in terms of story, art, shipping dates, and everything else), and, if I remember correctly, he's got a "Batman in Iraq" project lined up — what's up with that?

But 300 was a good read, and seeing the video below made me instantly recall the panels from the comic book — the same kind of feeling I had when I first saw the Sin City trailer. I've shown the 300 vid to Leelee too, so now whenever I utter, "This is madness" around the house, she gamely shouts back, "Madness? This, is, Sparta!" You gotta hand it to Frank Miller — his adaptations translate seamlessly to the big screen, and I've no doubt that 300 will be nothing short of awesome. Poor Alan Moore.

In other news: if you know that the Sony PS3 is being launched this week in the US, then you probably also know about those rabid fanboys who've been quitting jobs, lining up days in advance, and buying launch-date units off ebay for thousands of dollars just to be among the first to play a PS3. Well, here's a video of said game console being murdered in front of said fanboys.

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