Three months ago I photographed an interview with Pepe Pimentel (yes, he's still alive!). Here he is teaching us how to count like a man.

And this started my dirty finger project. Since then I've been snapping at friends and their dirty little fingers, all of whom will be posted here eventually (I'm thinking "Finger Fridays"). I have no idea what I can get out of this, but I suppose it's got to be an achievement of sorts once I reach a figure in the hundreds, and eventually thousands. And hopefully some of my friends will get a nice little surprise when they Google up their names.

Actually, before Mang Pepe, there was another person who gave me the finger while I took her photo. This was with a 2-megapixel Kodak cam which I got in 2001, back when digital was still relatively new (I remember most photolabs then didn't know what digital printing was. Amazing).

Oh how fast they grow.

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shiny chichi said...

LOL! Creative ka nga talaga, Cos! hahaha!