Leelee: No one understands me because I don't understand myself.

Auntie Cris: Leelee, have you eaten already?
Leelee: No, I didn't eat already. I don't like already!

Leelee (singing): Rudolf with your nose so bright, won't you ride my slave tonight?

Cel: How was your day?
Leelee: It was like a dream of you.

Leelee: Mama, diba a purse is also a person?

On the Doctor Who episode where aliens controlled people with type A blood
Me: Buti nalang ako O positive.
Cel: Ako B!
Leelee: Ako butterfly!

Me: Galing. You can really make up a song.
Leelee: It's not "make up." Just "make."

Leelee: Papa, you know, a fight with words is called an angerment.
Me: Oh, you mean an argument?
Leelee: Yes.


blackdove said...

E kumusta naman yung butterfly daw siya?! Hindi siya girl pare...isa siyang diva! hehe

shiny chichi said...

oh boy! leelee's growing up to be a philosophical person! hahah! ang cute!

Cos said...

Haha, philosophical ba? Nga pala, except for the last one, I recorded these when Lee was just starting to speak in sentences (must've been about two years old since yung Rudolph one was last Christmas).

pipay said...

cos! she's so adorable. i swear. anyway i blame you for the rudolph thing. i'm sure she picked it up from the "i'm a bad girl, spank me" stage. what does she want for christmas anyway?

Cos said...

Hehe. Well, over na sha sa Dora and Cartoon Network characters, but she's still obsessed with Barbies and a little less sa Disney princess stuff. Right now she's a bit crazy for Avatar, Ranma, Naruto and Gurren Lagann. :-)