Author Terry Pratchett is suffering from a rare form of early Alzheimer's disease, it has been revealed.

He said in a statement that with forthcoming conventions and the need to inform his publishers it would have been "unfair to withhold the news".

Discworld author Pratchett has sold more than 55 million books worldwide.

The writer, 59, who gave the news on the website of Discworld artist Paul Kidby, said the condition was behind a "phantom stroke" earlier this year.

From BBC.

And Terry's letter on Kidby's site.

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Alice Byrne said...

It was a sad day when Discworld fans all over the world found out that Pterry was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and it will be an even sadder day when he leaves this world. However, he's still alive, and still fighting the disease with the same wit and humor that his fans love. Alzheimer is a scary thing, but it's no reason for one to give up at all!