W00t! Time-traveling Brit show Doctor Who started its season premiere just yesterday, while Battlestar Galactica had its the day before. This fourth season of BSG has been particularly anticipated since it's also the final season of the show, with its creators (or rather, RE-creators) having decided to end it on their terms, and at the height of its popularity. There was also the news a few months ago during the WGA strike that the show might never be completed (the crew having only finished filming a few eps of the fourth season when the strike, uhm, struck), which I'm sure had sent many a geek convulsing on the floor.

But, really, BSG is teh bomb. As I've said before in this blog, what makes this show great is also what initially turns some people off—that it's sci-fi. But because of its genre, BSG is able to take on topics difficult for primetime TV, topics such as rape, suicide bombings, genocide—you name it. Some are presented as allegory, while some as hard truths—the consequences of war on the losing end. And it also doesn't hurt that the writing is intelligent as hell and entertaining to boot. Here's an article I found that can serve as a primer to the show, and here's a short video that wittily summarizes the first three seasons.

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