One of the things I love about my job is that my photoshoots can vary wildly from one another. This morning I might be doing a simple product shoot, while at night I might be going to a morgue to photograph dead bodies. Not that I'm belittling product shoots—in fact, they have a meditative, in-the-zone effect on me that I really look forward to when I get them. But this is for another post.

Anyway, about two months ago, FHM editorial asst. BA and their mascot, Bong (a.k.a. Superbong!), joined a cosplay competition for a feature. BA was decked out as Hellboy and Bong as Street Fighter's Dhalsim. While they were having their makeup and body paint done, I, comic book fanboy that I am, snatched up the Hellboy props and handed Mae my camera for a quick pitik. Well, BA, who weighs three times more than me, filled out the costume better and even won an award in the competition. For the whole low-down, the feature appears in this month's FHM.

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