U2 3D

Simply put, the best audio-visual experience I've had in a cinema to date. It's been showing at the IMAX theater for over a month now I think, and the play dates are getting scarcer (lately, only twice a week), so do catch it before it vanishes altogether.

Was able to round up some family members about a week ago to watch it, and we had our senses flooded by the sheer bitchassness of the whole thing. Well, for me at least, the first two songs alone were worth the price of admission. Now, I'm not a diehard fan of U2 and neither is Cel, but these guys do know how to perform, and by the end of it we were both resolved to catch the real thing when they get here (November nga ba?). Hell, even Leelee, whose songs are mostly limited to Disney and High School Musical, we've caught humming "Sunday Bloody Sunday" while playing with her toys. How cool is that?

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