I know a lot of people who love their Sandman trades with a passion, but it's kind of sad that they've rarely gone further in exploring the medium. Well, if you want another title in the same vein, I fanboyishly recommend Fables, a modern take on fairytales — in a way not unlike Neil Gaiman's re-imagining of cultural myths in his series. In terms of building a world whose logic revolves around the fantastic, I'd say Fables and Sandman are on the same imaginative level, but in terms of emotional impact and general fun-ness, Fables gets my vote easy.

An ongoing title at 50+ issues strong, Fables has already garnered an impressive seven Eisners, with its writer and creater Bill Willingham still having the time to churn out graphic novels and spin-offs on the side. And it also doesn't hurt that the covers are always gorgeous.

Here's Inquisitor General Hansel on the issue 54 cover. Seems he acquired a taste for killing witches after he pushed his first one into a burning oven.

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