Links! If you have time to burn, check out Flash Earth and see the world.

One of the two red roofs in the middle of the screenshot is my house. Though you can't zoom in close enough to make out people, cars and traffic can be seen (note: the view isn't live — most likely updated only once a day), and it can be fun trying to figure out streets and buildings you've been to. Warning: you might not want to try this if you have a slow Internet connection.

Visit Mr. Citymen for some neat videos. The guy who made them blends CG and real life footage seamlessly together — and my daughter loves the cute characters.

For a laugh, try BeerSex. Vote on photos of people, where you indicate the number of beers you need to down to have sex with the person in the photo (conversely, if the person is good looking, you can also indicate the number of beers you're willing to buy him/her). Good old-fashioned mean fun.

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