Had about a month-long hiatus, and had been unable to post due to various reasons, mostly work (editing and photography-related), out-of-town trips, weekend visits to the in-laws and the puyat at playing video games.

Puyat has always been something I've been good at, me often needing to making a conscious effort to go to sleep (sometimes because of morning photoshoots or errands; otherwise, a glance at the clock or dawn light at the window would have me saying, "Oh shit," before scampering to bed).

Lately, I've discovered that pairing up fatigue and lack of sleep results in me nodding off uncontrollably. Working late at the computer, and once, in an early morning interview with Shine two weeks ago at Bohol, I found myself dozing in front of a group of DTI officials. The thing that jolted me awake was probably my anger at the realization of my body betraying me this way, but, oh well, tumatanda na talaga.

Randall and I often talk about this, how our tolerances to certain stuff are lower now than when we were in high school, in stuff like hard liquor and, you know, stuff. I remember once, some months ago, we scheduled our D&D game for an overnighter, but after Dong, Cupkeyk, Carding and I were nodding off in turns, we decided that overnighters weren't fun anymore.

Anyway, on a sunnier note, guess who graduated last month?

Kumander na, master pa!

At least somebody wanted to pose for me.

More photos at my Multiply account. Oh, another Quill alumni graduated this year. Clue: she's the daughter of UP Mindanao Chancellor Dr. Gilda C. Rivero. And oh, Daryll, if you get to read this, I'll burn you the photos.

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