Hey, anyone remember that rundown-but-spicy-yummy Thai canteen at the end of Katipunan? I can't remember where it was located coming from UP—uhm, at the back of the International Center, maybe? Anyway, it's been gone for nearly a decade now.

A few years ago I heard rumors that the old lady who ran the canteen moved to Singapore and had a shop near an airport terminal, or maybe it's runway. Well, now, Cel's friend informed her a week ago that the lady was seen working at a restaurant in the Ortigas Home Depot area. Cel and I checked it out the next day and, lo, there she was! The shop's called Khao Pad, near the car shops at the OHD, still specializing in Thai delicacies, but of course with a more expanded menu than what we were used to. We just wanted the old beef/pork/chicken/squid with mixed vegetables that was the only thing most people ordered at UP, but she had a large bulk order that day, so we had to settle on the ulams behind the glass partition and not on the menu.

She was quite happy-surprised when I told her we were her old customers at UP, though I still couldn't understand what she was saying, haha. For sure, Cel and I will be coming back some other time to dig into that combo we've been craving for for ten years now. Heh.

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Carmela Kaewdaeng said...

Hey Cos :) Thanks for visiting Khao Pad :) See you again soon! :D